ZSD offers a wide range of services from green building consultancy to customized system power solutions that work for you. These services are designed as a consultancy branch to ZSD to contribute its expertise to an ever evolving market. We engage in various fields related to architectural design, urban development and sustainable agriculture methods.

  • Maintenance


    Solar panels are very tough and have a long lifespan (up to 30 years) making them very durable. They are designed and engineered to withstand a wide range of temperatures and various weather conditions. The lack of movable components makes them more robust and less prone to any problems.

    More of a concern is getting the most out of your panel: maximizing efficiency and electricity production. Through monitoring your system’s production, we identify issues and address them proactively. To ensure maximum productivity: solar panels should be cleaned on a regular basis or nanoShell Solar using nanotech can be applied to solar panels to prevent dust from accumulating on the panels and essentially reducing electrical productivity.

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  • Green Building Consultancy

    Green building consultancy runs with the focus on providing energy efficient solutions to designers. ZSD offers solutions that use the latest hi-tech modeling and simulation software in the market to carry out daylighting, lighting, energy-use simulations among others. Through the use of integrative best-practices that meet both client requirements and respects the project’s local environment and conditions, smart energy-saving solutions can be achieved. In addition, our expertise in LEED based certification can help guide the design to achieve the international LEED certification and create high quality “green” designs.

  • Customized System Design


    Customized system designs offer flexibility to the customer. They are designed to provide solutions especially to interrupted power supply (where there are power cuts). UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) such as the G-series and M-series can be charged on-grid; S-series can charged from solar generated power and finally the MS-series can be charged from both grid and solar power. These products provide solutions to various challenges that can face the customer whether for outdoor or indoor use.

  • Sustainability Consultancy


    Strategic sustainability consultancy will help provide the customer with tools and expertise they need to actively manage their social and environmental impacts. ZSD can tackle any scale project from a town house to large urban cities. Our expertise and appreciation for actively pursuing sustainability is part our ethos. ZSD consulting provides a strategic insight, technical skills and a high level of commitment to each project.

    Mustkrat: A Case Study

    Mustkrat and Smart City initiative was innovated and developed by Dr. Sami El Zeini. Mustkrat is an elegant comprehensive design solution to the ever-growing urban and suburban demands on our resources such as energy and water. Currently ZSD in collaboration with El Zeini Consultancy Office for Urban Development (under the ownership of Dr. Sami El Zeini) can offer a complete design and consultancy for “MUSTKRAT” and “Smart City”. Several of the “Smart City” components have already been applied at El Zeini Farms.

    Mustkrat is the smallest unit of the aggregate that is the ‘smart city’. The individual unit can be combined to form clusters, which in turn can be combined to form districts and finally combined to form a ‘smart city’. Based on the Agro-system design and development outcomes, Mustkrat was envisioned as a parallel project that can scale up agro-system’s components. Water quality as part of Mustkrat’s concept is not a sustainable development constraint anymore, making it feasible to sustain a population range from half to 2.5 million inhabitants per smart city.

    Mustkrat is designed to be a state-of-the-art ‘smart city’ with sustainability and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) at its core engineering. As a self-independent community, both energy and food production will be at a surplus; there will be minimum transportation needs achieved through the design of the city, thus reducing the number of trip and distances, thereby reducing transportation pollution considerably.

    The smallest unit of the Mustkrat is a house, will be compromised of several components: hydroponic system, PV modules and barley farming in the basement. The house will be owned by a productive family of four, essentially running the house as a factory. In turn this will cover the costs of the house and provide a return on investment in 5 years. Along with the integration of the various forms of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar along small house scale and large city scale. The complete synchronization and integration between the different systems can create a return on investment in just seven years for the whole ‘smart city’.

  • Training


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