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El Zeini For Sustainable Development (ZSD) was established August 2014 with the target to go beyond the designing, consulting, and reselling of renewable energy products. ZSD understands its responsibilities towards the community and Egypt to achieve the 2020 target of 20% renewable energy.

Currently, ZSD offers off-grid installation and solutions, with the hopes of working on on-grid services and installations in the near future. ZSD has the motivation to expand in the near future and further take on challenges in the renewable energy market in Egypt. Our aim is to become one of the leading firms in Egypt and MENA region via our comprehensive expertise in solar panel installation, UPS systems and smart building design and construction. So why not Think Smart... Think Sustainable?


We at ZSD are optimists, our target is to go beyond the designing, consulting, and reselling but to engage the customer and provide a customized solution. ZSD believes that one of the important issues for our company's sustainability in the market is to have our own manufacturing facility for the products in the future. With the aid of our R&D department that we will develop in future, ZSD can sustain its rank and position among the different competitors in the market.

CEO Message

Water and energy are the two main aspects and constraints for developing any community or country, ZSD believes that without planning for these two sources, it will be impossible for any project or a country to develop and sustain. ZSD was developed to meet today's needs, demands and the problems in water and energy. With the acceleration in population growth, and the decrease in natural resources, we must contemplate solutions and accept these challenges. Managing your water and energy resources is not easy and demands flexibility, thus enabling us to create a road map to deal without dependency on fossil fuels. With water and energy, sustainability can be achieved even using the surrounding air or sunlight, therefore the resources we need surround us - sustainability is everywhere!

Dr. Sami El Zeini

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