Our range of products include solar PV modules to smart materials.



Our solutions are in-house designed off-grid products.



Through our expertise, we take on renewable energy challenges.

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Renewable power supplier

Established in 2014 in Cairo, El Zeini For Sustainable Development (ZSD) is an off-grid renewable energy power supplier and solutions provider. ZSD is a start-up company that specializes in making the transition to clean, solar, renewable energy easy and smooth.

We service anywhere in Egypt with the focus on delivering innovative renewable energy solutions to the tourism, agriculture and business sectors. Through going solar we reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and save thousands of dollars for years to come. We make it easy and affordable for homeowners and businesses to go solar with system design, solar panel installation, system monitoring and various other solutions such UPS. ZSD cares about providing the highest quality product and work to our customers.

ZSD understands the great strides being made to reduce energy consumption and increase renewable solar energy. Egypt is an ideal place for this resource and we want to be part of contribution to improve not only our future but our environment. We can see the future as full of hope and sustainability is our way there.

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Energy in EGYPT

Current Renewable Energy
Current renewable energy in Egypt.
Energy Use Egypt
Projected increase in energy use will increase from 128TWh to 180 TWh
Projected renewable Energy
Projected renewable energy in Egypt in 2022.
Gas & Oil Usage
Primary energy consumption of energy using oil and gas in Egypt as of 2013.

Cost Efficient

Our prices reflect the best quality available.

Great Returns

Renewable energy is the future, expect a great return on investment (ROI).

Wide range of products

We offer a wide range of products to help you resolve any off-grid power issue.

Flexible installation

We offer flexible installation methods that are convenient for you.


Our company has a wide range of expertise from various fields and backgrounds.


We handle every client as a unique client.

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